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Puzata Khata: sincerely, tasty, and much.

«You are what you eat», said wise ancestors, understanding well the importance of good food in the intrepid whirl of life.

«Sparing on food is sparing on health», added the wisest of them, knowing firsthand that good food should be certified and certainly fresh. «What the master cooks everyone will like», they appraised the high art of cooking.

«We eat well when we look back to our ancestors», calling to hold to the national cooking traditions.

«Cry, the pocket, this price is a fraud», they were sorry, having had a good meal in the restaurant, but for long prices, «wishing to eat moderately...» (for they understood that even the high-quality food should remain affordable).

That's what we're used to. That's the century-long tradition.

Well, it's only fitting to learn from ancestors. To take the best of the practice proven by centuries and to apply it nowadays with creativity! That's how the concept of Puzata Khata, the most popular national fast-food in the country, emerged. Its four pillars, «borrowed» from ancestors, were mentioned above already: Ukrainian cuisine, selected products, cooking skill and affordable prices.

Yet the first Puzata Khata establishment was an impressive success.

All its features correspond to the canons, everything is as it should be: only high-quality raw materials, only skilled cooks, only national cuisine: and all this for affordable prices only. Varenyki with cherry, vertuny, potato and mushrooms, herring with onion rings — the visitors feel like getting right to the ancestors' generous banquet, renowned for its hospitality.

Arena — Kyiv, Bessarabka. The year of 2003. Besides, as soon as a predatory queue tail started to form eagerly at the exit, the continuation appeared soon: the residents of Kyiv, pleasantly surprised with cuisine and prices, started breaking the telephone with the same (and insistent) requirements: to get food from Puzata Khata right to the offices. Though it is tasty and affordable, not everyone wished to waste time visiting the restaurant. The firm market law: demand determines supply. When the number of similar calls became truly surprising it was then clear that it was the high time to undertake a new business.

Puzata Khata — lunch delivery service. Start.

In the civilized world providing food to the company employees is an adopted practice with its traditions, customs and established structure.

But Ukraine at the turn of the century in this regard represented the true third world. Chaos in the permit system, lack of standards and technologies, and dominance of artisan undertakings meant than one should start from zero. And it was so.

And here we are, July 5, 2004. A historic date. At least for us: on this day the first lunch from Puzata Khata was delivered to the office of the first customer, «Carbon» company (and the others who started eating with us)! We're grateful to you and to all those who got the first bumps with us in the new field, breaking through the «wild» market thorns to the stars of full-fledged office catering, for there were quite a lot of pits and bumps, difficulties and obstacles on this road, which are already behind!

It is pleasant to remind that we were the first who approached this business on a systemic basis. We've formed a creative alliance with the Health Ministry, Sanitary and Epidemiologic Station and State Standard, which in turn «gave birth» to the principally new technical conditions of lunch production and delivery. We've obtained absolutely all permits to our business. And, finally, having recruited a team of high-qualified cooks, we've started our catering way.

At first we've placed the production at the existing areas of Puzata Khata restaurant chain. But in two years they became absolutely insufficient. For this time we've adjusted the production process, which started working as regularly as a Swiss timer, we've expanded our customer base significantly and, what's the most important, we've strengthened the Puzata Khata authority in the catering market. Our name has become a certain synonym of such notions as «reliability», «stability» and «safety». And these factors are decisive when it goes about food stuff. How did we manage to achieve that? The secret is simple: we weren't just working:

We were investing in the future!

... namely in taste, quality, convenience and safety of your lunches.

As the theatre starts with a coat rack, the cooking of any dish starts with acquisition of food stuff. We purchase products from domestic producers' trademarks with good reputation. Each incoming raw material batch is accompanied by all required documents.

The quality of raw materials and water is controlled not only by our specialists but also by state service representatives on the regular basis. The water used for cooking of dishes is additionally purified by means of an up-to-date filtering system.

The dishes are cooked at night. After cooking they are delivered to the so-called «cooling» boxes for cooling. The boxes are equipped with special compressors which allow cooling big volumes of products (the volumes is measured in tons) from boiling to fridge temperature.

The cooled dishes are transferred for packing. We're packing dishes into disposable polypropylene containers designed for reheating in microwave ovens as proved by relevant certificates.

The dishes are packed in the rooms at 10°С (so that the lunches didn't reheat in the course of packing). Then the packed dishes get into a huge (over 200m2) forwarding cold storage box where they are stored until they are packed into the heat-insulating containers, the so-called thermal boxes. The process of packing into the thermal boxes also takes place in a cooled room.

In the morning the thermal boxes with lunches are supplied to the cars by conveyor. And 7 a.m. we start delivering lunches to our customers. The cars are equipped for lunch transportation, each of them having a sanitary passport; each driver has a medical record book.


By the way, all our employees undergo medical examination at the outpatient's clinic and sanitary and epidemiologic service office under the guidance of our doctors which guarantees the authenticity of medical record books of our employees.

Such a complex approach is called to protect our dear customers from any, even the slightest, troubles.

And it turns the process of our lunch consumption into a pure and not overshadowed pleasure.

Tomorrow the new day will come.

August 10, 2007. Puzata Khata Lunch Delivery Service celebrated the house-warming.

A spacious complex in Kyiv suburbs. Over 2000 sq.m. of production and warehousing areas, the state-of-the-art equipment from the leading world manufacturers (Metos, Electrolux, Zanussi); order, cleanness, 24-hours video surveillance — that's our new production basis in which the lunches with the same excellent taste and quality as ever will be cooked for you.

And we're ready to move forward, to keep abreast of the times, to master new technologies, to diversify the menus, to follow all your wishes. And together with you, our dear customers, to continue creating our common history...

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