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Puzata Khata restaurant chain delivery service has been working at the catering market for 4 years already. One of the services which we render to our customers is organization of dining-rooms at the customer's site. Upon organization of dining-rooms our company encountered such challenging issues as:

  • limited production areas
  • lack of full-fledged warehousing areas
  • lack of fat sewage
  • lack of ventilation
  • electric networks which do not sustain connection of the production equipment
  • expensive equipment
  • need to maintain a significant number of employees with all relevant consequences
  • small batches of ordered raw materials cause difficulties in delivery organization

We think that most owners and directors of cafes and bars encounter similar challenges.

For the time being we've developed and implemented a new format of our service which allows our customers to resolve the aforesaid problems.


Our company offers semi-processed food of various readiness level and ready meals to the dining rooms and cafes for subsequent sale.

1. Semi-processed food of low readiness level:

  • peeled vegetables
  • apportioned and cooled meat without sinews
  • apportioned and cooled fish
  • apportioned and cooled chick
  • meat mince
  • fish mince
  • chick mince

2. Semi-processed food of middle readiness level:

  • cut vegetables
  • formed and frozen products out of mince
  • salad and soup kits

3. Semi-processed food of high readiness level:

  • semi-ready dishes, including garnishes
  • mixed unseasoned salads
  • ready browns for first courses

4. Ready dishes:

  • Dishes completely ready for consumption cooled to +40 - +80


Our menu which includes 300 dishes is permanently renewed and improved in view of our customers' wishes. The assortment includes vegetarian and dietary dishes. Besides, we practise cooking of semi-processed food and ready dishes according to the customer's flow charts.

For the purpose of provision of regular supply and production we practise the weekly ordering form. Daily adjustment of the order can be made today until 2:00 p.m. for tomorrow.

The order is delivered by specialized transport in agreed time.

Payment form: any.

Payment terms: advance payment, deferment of payment for customs.


Each product delivery is accompanied by the following documents:

  • Expenditure invoice
  • Tax invoice (if required)
  • Quality certificate
  • Veterinary certificate F-2 (if required)

The health of our customers is the corner stone of our work. We spend tens thousand hryvnias for measures providing for the catering safety. Besides the state standards, our company developed and meets additional catering safety regulations, for example the regime of personnel moving about the production site is strictly determined, and the loader is dirty cloth will not be able to get into the sanitary zone where the lunches are cooked and packed.

Compliance with technology and sanitary regulations is controlled not only by the production engineers and chief cooks, but also by our own sanitary doctor. For the reason the video surveillance system controlling all premises and adjacent territory of the production suit is a great help.

In summer, 2007 we put into operation a new specialized production complex equipped with the state-of-the-art production and climatic equipment. More than 6 000 000 hryvnias were invested in reconstruction and technical re-equipping of the production site. The sole installation of special refrigerating and freezing equipment cost over 1 000 000 hryvnias. The professional level of our cooks corresponds to the cooks with highest qualification working in classic restaurants.

As a result of laborious work of our production engineers and chief cooks we managed to obtain the so-called average taste of dishes, which itself is the higher culinary aerobatics. It means that whatever cook might have cooked the dish, its taste will be the same counted on the average consumer.


We're hoping for long and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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