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Advance in Prices


Dear customers,

The life goes on. The circumstances change. The contacts remain. Certainly, if these contacts are true, proven by time and mutually beneficial cooperation.

A rather unofficial beginning of the letter is explained by the very fact that we'd like to maintain contacts with you. To maintain them, for the life goes on and the circumstances change, though, unfortunately, not always the way we'd like to.

The thing is that we managed to maintain the cost of our services in the existing level. Unfortunately, this time passed by.

I think that it makes no sense to enumerate the reasons, for any person nowadays is well-informed on inflation in general and on the advance in prices for food stuff in particular.

The essence of the issue is that we no longer can deliver our lunches at former prices, for the market situation doesn't allow it.

Actually, we were considering two ways of its development:


  • To leave the prices unchanged at the expense of worsening of our service quality (replacement of suppliers, food stuff range decrease etc.);
  • To increase the cost of lunches to the lowest extent possible in the partial load mode upon complete preservation of their quality and taste level.


And we've chosen the second option unanimously, having considered that saving on food while delivering lunches would be an inadmissible slyness on our part in relation to our dear customers.

It means that you'll be able to receive lunches of the same quality which you got used to if we're able to deliver them at the following prices:

  Up to 15 persons 15-100 persons More than 100 persons More than 100 persons with our servicing
Complex 22-00 UAH 20-00 UAH 19-00 UAH 20-00 UAH
Business-lunch 20-00 UAH 18-00 UAH 17-00 UAH 18-00 UAH
VIP-menu Price list Price list Price list Price list

(general information: the average price for lunches in the market is 20 to 26 UAH per complex).

Our present strategy is simple: delivering you the lunches and keeping the prices on the lower level while servicing you on the highest level (quality, taste, range, flexible settlement terms, bonuses etc.).

The life goes on. The prices change. The contacts remain. Certainly, if these contacts are based on mutual respect, mutually beneficial cooperation and professionalism.

We'll be glad to continue servicing you in future and to overcome the challenging moments of the troublesome market situation together.


We'll accept you decision respectfully.
Konstantin Terletskyi
Director of Puzata Khata Delivery Service

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