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Interview with the director


Lunch Delivery to Offices.

(answers K. Terletskyi, the Director of Puzata Khata Delivery Dervice)

 — Konstantin, the Puzata Khata restaurant chain has become popular long since and it is well-visited. Does it mean that your delivery service is related to it?

— Yes, you're right on the money. We deliver to offices the lunches, the numerous receipts of which emerged and were proven exactly in our restaurant chain. So the delivery service is an authorized successor and continuer of glorious restaurant traditions of the «parent» Puzata Khata.

— Does it means that your customer receives in his office the same food as in the restaurant?

— No way! The delivery service has its own production, its kitchen and cooks. The matter is that the lunch delivery is a much more complicated matter than the people used to think. Thus, the lunch cooked on the eve undergoes cooling, for it will loose its taste and useful features and instead will acquire hazardous ones. For this purpose we use the special fast cooling boxes. We transport food in cars with specialized equipment, for in the ordinary cars it has every chance to get spoiled. And this is just a part of our peculiarity (in comparison with an ordinary restaurant). And all this is not taken out of the head — there is a global experience with its common practice, the best of which we added to our armory.

— And what about your competitors? Are they as scrupulous regarding such issues as you are? Do they care as much of the food safety?

— Unfortunately. And I say it far not because there is a chance to «kick» the competitors. Just the overall situation in the lunch delivery market doesn't look optimistic. The home-made and semi-home-made producer longing for low lunch prime cost spares on everything — production and refrigerating equipment, transport, and, what's main, on the very food. How can we speak about safety in such circumstances? Try to ask the «artisan» to produce all permits without which it is impossible to conduct our business lawfully. Your request will be denied. Therefore the safety of your lunches is guaranteed by only thing — the right choice of a supplier. You know, I'd be sincerely glad to watch the full-fledged competition, and it's not a joke. For the competition of the equal is always a progress, an ability to share the experience, an environment of healthy ardor for self-perfection. I hope that in the nearest future such competitors will emerge and it will be just an advantage for the consumer.

— We've heard that your particular pride is a new production basis. What does it mean?

— Certainly. The production site equipped with all required appliances with the area of 3000 sq.m. not far from Kyiv, in the town of Irpin, is our mutual and undisputable success.
Judge yourself: the equipment is from the leading world manufacturers, the foot stuff is from the best domestic producers, cooks with the restaurant qualification, impeccably adjusted structure — from our own sanitary doctor to our own transport park — perfect cleanness and order, strict control of all what's going on up to the 24-hours video surveillance. In my opinion, it is worth pride, isn't it?

— And how much did such a perfection cost (certainly, if it's not a trade secret)?

— The transparent business is transparent in everything. The direct investments in production for the year made almost 6 million hryvnias. Certainly, it is plenty of money. But our confidence in the fact that they were invested right is even greater. They are invested in production, professionals, and innovating technologies. And it means that in some time they will be repaid a hundredfold.

— Konstantin, you've already mentioned about supply of raw materials. Can you tell us more details about it?

— Of course. We've concluded the long-term supply contracts with the leading food stuff suppliers, the overwhelming majority of which are producers. What does it yield to us and to those whom we're providing with food? Puzata Khata has stable prices for the certified high-quality products. The consumer receives permanent quality and taste of those dishes which he/she liked. For example, what is overseas pork out of the state reserve (which, it must be admitted, some colleagues do not disdain)? Nothing but a carcass pricked with preservatives, which may be used for processing only. Which cutlets or pork chops can be made out of it? And our pigs from the well-reputed pedigree farms do not surrender those whom the peasants breed «for themselves». The same regards all the rest products, which we deliver to the offices of our dear customers in the form of lunches.

— What are the culinary likings of the residents of Kyiv? Which of your dishes are the most popular?

— It's the golden Ukrainian classics: varenyky, borsch, good pork chop, well-known herring «under the dressing». In a word, all those dishes which for centuries have been the trademark of our national cuisine. So to say, from ancestors to descendants. And, by the way, we're sincerely glad that it is so, for the succession of traditions is always welcomed.

— And what's your personal favorite dish?

— You know, I'll tell you as a professional — the properly cooked high-quality dish cannot be unpalatable. But if you properly cook the Ukrainian borsch (certainly with a veal pinbone)...That's peerless!

— Konstantin, nowadays there is a fashion to carry on various actions, competitions, lotteries and other consumer-encouraging events. What can you boast in this regard?

— Puzata Khata feels quite well in the market and doesn't need artificial «lures». Another matter is to return the kindness of our customs. That's why now we're planning the action «Bring your friend». Its point is as follows: the one by whose recommendation a new customer comes to us receives 50 kopecks for each lunch eaten by new customer on its «account». This money is not cash. But they can be used to pay for its own lunches, to order additional food or, for example, a can of coffee (and other useful sundries). Meanwhile, this corporate «currency» is charged during the whole period of buying food by the «recommended» customer with us. I guess this promo-action will be a success and in any way it will be beneficial to our business contacts with a circle of our customs.

— Thank you for frank answers, and to end with could you please share with us any sentence (about food, of course).

— I'd love to. The ancient Rome (which, by the way, liked to eat well) created lots of them. But as for me, I like the classic one: QUI NON LABORAT — NON MANDUKET, i.e. «He that will not work shall not eat».

Puzata Khata wishes you successful work and adequate food!

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