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 (what and how can be ordered at Puzata Khata)


What do we offer?

We offer the delivery of complex lunches and business lunches to Kyiv offices.

It is also possible to deliver lunches about Kyiv region.

Our menu which includes 300 dishes is permanently renewed and improved in view of our customers' wishes. The assortment includes vegetarian and dietary dishes. We also take seasonality into consideration.

We offer you three order options on demand:

1. Complex
2. Business-lunch
3. VIP-menu

 1.  A complex lunch including:

Salad or hors d'oeuvres, first course, garnish + second course (or course without garnish). The lunch comes with: foodware, napkins, spicery and bread.

2. Business lunch:

Just like the complex lunch but without the first course.

3. VIP-menu:

The dishes can be ordered separately in any amount (whatever you wish — three salads or one pork chop).

Each meal is packed into a separate container. Salt, pepper, toothpick, one napkin, one flatware (a spoon or a fork, with regard to the ordered dish) are added.

As an additional service, we can deliver sauces, juices, waters, pastry etc.

How to order the lunch?

The orders are accepted for a week.

Our manager provides to the customer's representative a weekly order project for consideration. It is divided into five daily orders.

The daily order consists of:

Salads/hors d'oeuvres 3 options
First course 2 options
Garnishes + second course 4 options
Second course without garnish 2 options

The customer's employees will be able to draw up a complex lunch for themselves for each day of the week in question using the options offered on our part. Having combined the orders of each employee, the customer's representative prepares a summary weekly order and transfers it to us.

Each customer is provided one microwave oven per 15 employees having lunch for reheating of delivered lunches for the whole term of cooperation.

The microwave ovens are provided free of charge.

Payment form: cash or non-cash settlement.

Payment terms: advance payment or payment according to the lunch delivery fact.

Big customs may be provided deferment of payment.

Additional information:

Order processing procedure:

1. Transfer of the weekly order project to you — the first half of the day (Monday) of the week preceding the order.

2. Transfer of the aggregate weekly order to us — no later than on the second half of Thursday of the same week.

The customer may adjust his daily order the day before its delivery but no later than on 2:00 p.m. For example, if an employee leaves for a business trip on June, 15 the customer shall notify us about it no later than on June, 14 2:00 p.m.

The order and adjustment thereto can be made right on our site. The customer is getting registered, receives the access password to his/her page and on this page he/she places the order and adjusts it.

On the same page the customer also can learn the status of mutual settlements with us (who is indebted to whom and in what amount for the time being).

Besides, the registered users will be sent confidential information. And on the same site the customers will be able to share information (it will be an electronic analogue of the complaint and proposal book).

Who are we?

Puzata Khata restaurant chain delivery service has been working at the catering market since July 5, 2004. In summer, 2007 we put into operation a new specialized production complex equipped with the state-of-the-art production and climatic equipment. More than 6 000 000 hryvnias were invested in reconstruction and technical re-equipping of the production site. The sole installation of special refrigerating and freezing equipment cost over 1 000 000 hryvnias.

The professional level of our cooks corresponds to the cooks with highest qualification working in classic restaurants. As a result of laborious work of our production engineers and chief cooks we managed to obtain the so-called average taste of dishes, which itself is the higher culinary aerobatics. It means that whatever cook might have cooked the dish, its taste will be the same, counted on the average consumer. And those who wish always can season the dish up to their taste by means of salt and pepper which are the generic table spices.

The meal cooking, cooling, packing and transportation technology developed particularly for our company is registered by the State Standard and approved by the Health Ministry of Ukraine (TU U 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 15.4-21452812-001, 002, 003, 004-2004).

The health of our customers is the corner stone of our work. We spend tens thousand hryvnias for measures providing for the catering safety. Besides the state standards, our company developed and meets additional catering safety regulations, for example the regime of personnel moving about the production site is strictly determined, and the loader is dirty cloth will not be able to get into the sanitary zone where the lunches are cooked and packed.

Compliance with technology and sanitary regulations is controlled not only by the production engineers and chief cooks, but also by our own sanitary doctor. For this reason the video surveillance system controlling all premises and adjacent territory of the production suit is a great help.

The quality of raw materials and water is controlled on the systematic basis not only by our specialists but also by the state officers.

Puzata Khata certainly guarantees you the high-quality, full-fledged, taste, diverse and safe food!